Churro sugar cookie recipe w/ hybrid royal icing

Churro sugar cookie recipe w/ hybrid royal icing

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Our new favorite in the Sueded Sugar household! 

This mouthwatering recipe is reminiscent of a fresh warm fair churro on a hot summer day.  Is there anything better? This cookie is so loaded with flavor that the second it hits your taste buds it has them singing "I just can't get enough!" Top it off with a perfectly paired hybrid royal icing and you will never want to eat anything else!

This recipe took some trial and error to get just right but oooooh holy cow was it worth it!! I am so proud of how it turned out and I hope you love it just as much as I do! 

Includes : Tips & Tricks page

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** All ingredients included in this recipe can be found at your local grocery store**


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Loved the flavor, easy to cut, had an issue with the flour amount (possibly baker error)

The cookies have a good flavor and are unique. Great to have something besides a regular sugar or almond flavor; however, I had to add a lot of extra flour. I would say at least half a cup. Which did affect the texture a little. I live in PA so altitude, moisture not really an issue. Possibly user error. Great flavor so I will try again and pay close attention. For now a 4.5 star.

I did not try the icing but will next time.

My new favourite sugar cookie recipe

I followed the recipe exactly and it came out excellent. Held their shapes perfectly (no spread during baking) and the flavour is so good you don’t even need icing. I decorated half of the batch with royal icing and the flavour was awesome. Tastes just like a churro!

Kate M
Churro Sugar Cookie

This cookie is delicious! I am thankful to have found it as I believe it is a new family favorite!

A quick fan favorite

The best no-chill, no spread roll-out is a Cookier’s dream! Crunchy snap with a soft bite; it’s sooo good plain or iced. Hybrid Royal icing is a perfect match as it compliments this warm Spanish hug of a cookie. A quick fan favorite that does not disappoint in every crumb.

Nadia C.

This recipe did not disappoint! It was easy to follow, and the end results were flavorful. The perfect fall flavor, in my opinion!