Fall Dream -CookieCon Recipe

Fall Dream -CookieCon Recipe

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When choosing what flavor of cookie I wanted to bring to CookieCon, I felt so much pressure. I sell my recipes to thousands of cookiers, I better bring a dang good cookie! I knew I wanted to bring something warm and cozy, something bursting with flavor and something to get everyone into the fall spirit! I started with my Churro sugar cookie recipe but added some other flavors to warm it up even more and it turned it into a FALL DREAM!! 

The response I got from this cookie has been so humbling and exciting. I cannot wait for you guys to try it and let me know what you think! 

** The icing of this recipe doesn't come out bright white but if you have The Sugar Arts Master Elite white it should brighten it right up.

 **Please note this is not an entirely new recipe. This recipe is a combination of my Churro recipe and my Vanilla Maple Cinnamon Chip recipe with a few tweaks and added flavors. If you have those two recipes, this recipe will not be entirely new to you. My intention in listing this recipe as its own is to save you money by allowing you to purchase it as a single recipe instead of two separate**

**Recipe includes More than Cake Perfect Palate flavoring but substitutions that can be found in your local stores are included.

Customer Reviews

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Joann D Heser
Fall Dream

This recipe was sooo good. Thank you so much!!!

Sabrina Sanders
Bites of heaven!

This recipe is SO yummy! A new favorite for sure! Most delicious compliment to a cup of coffee. Yes…I sampled some for breakfast. 😊

Vittoria Santorella
So freakin' good!!

Absolutely amazing! When I got to try this at cookiecon, I immediately fell in love with the flavor. I remember sharing a mini cookie with my boyfriend and fighting over who got the last bite! lol The flavors work so well together and it truly is a fall dream! Every recipe I've purchased has been beyond my expectations. Highly recommend!

This cookie is INSANE!!!!!!

This is literally one of the best cookies I have had in a long time. There are not enough words to describe just how good this cookie is. The flavor is unbelievably good, and the smell in the house while baking it made the whole house smell like cinnamon toast. Every flavor ingredient in this cookie just compliments the next and what you get is an extremely delicious cookie. Didn't spread at all, kept their shape perfectly.

Tiffanie Ansel

You named this appropriately !! This has got to be one of my absolute favorites!! So, so good. The layers of flavors build and compliment each other so perfectly. Now if I can just keep my husband out of them! He's eating all my samples :)