sugar cookies.





$55+/ dozen





1-2 colors + white

single design

minimal and simple details

4 colors

5-6 designs/shapes

mid level detail

no characters or logos

*Most popular

fully customizable in every way

if you want it I will cookie it

up to 8 colors

high-end detail work

unlimited designs/shapes

logos & characters included (up to 4/doz)

Full watercolor: Starting at $70+/dozen

1 dozen minimum

unlimited designs/shapes

fully customizable

'Paint your own' cookies:

$6 per cookie, 1 doz minimum

each cookie comes with a paint palette and paint brush

these cookies are such a fun and unique option for any kids party, as an activity or as a party favor.

picture options are limitless!

**must be ordered at least 3 weeks in advance to give me adequate time for ordering of the palettes.

Metallic detail adds an additonal


charge to any package


Ordering process:

Email me at or submit a request form.

From there I will email you an order form. Once I receive your form submission I will email you an invoice with your price quote. Once your 50% deposit is sent, your date is saved. This deposit is non-refundable.

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