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The way the ordering process works for screen prints, requires that a certain amount be ordered at a time. So, what I have done is created 4 different packages for you to choose from. There is a break down of what each package contains, in the photos.

We have priced these packages in a way that allows you to get your apparel at 50% off retail price!!! I wanted to make sure that this was a cheaper option for you to have some really special custom apparel. The thing that is going to cost the most is going to be the prints which is a flat fee of $150 ( I am not upcharging this at all, this is just what it costs me to order them).

Because of the way the prints are made, how many prints we are able to get on a sheet will fully depend on the size and shape of your logo. The minimum amount of sheets I can order is 6. I can put large and small logos on each sheet so you have the option to have a variety. Once you place your order for your custom logo package and send me your logo, we will chat a bit about design and from there, I will put together your "sheet". I will send you a proof of this and wont put in my order with my printing company until I receive your approval. 

Garment colors are 100% up to you however, ink color options could be limited if you want that matte screen printed look. There is an option to get a "full color" print but these transfers do have a bit more shine to them and can look a bit like vinyl. BUT, They are much better quality than vinyl as far as longevity and they hold up just as well as a screen printed garment does. Again, we will go over all of this together once your package is purchased and make sure we choose the prints that you are going to love the most!

Want to hear something else super exciting?! If we have leftover logos after fulfilling your package, I can hold on to the logos for you and print apparel for you at an extremely low cost of 50% OFF RETAIL PRICE whenever you need more!!!

**If you would like to split the cost & apparel with a buddy, please add *buddy package* and your buddy's email address to the order notes in your cart!**
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